Therapy Services

Physical Therapy
Provide physician-prescribed treatment aimed at the restoration of muscle and joint function and strengthening. Our physical therapist will assess and evaluate the therapeutic, rehabilitative, and functional status of the patient. Patients will be treated and instructed on how to improve muscle strength, mobility, gait, etc. after incidents and/or illnesses such as falls, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, knee or hip replacement, loss of balance, etc.

Occupational Therapy
Provide physician-prescribed treatment aimed at regaining day to day skills. Our occupational therapists will evaluate the patient’s muscle function, endurance, visual coordination, written and verbal communication skills, self care ability, work capacity, etc. The home environment will also be evaluated for hazards or barriers to more independent living.

Speech-Language Therapy
Provide physician-prescribed treatment aimed to improve the breathing, swallowing and speaking functionality of those who have difficulty speaking, swallowing or those have suffered stroke, and/or heart attack.

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