More Services

Spiritual Counseling – Spiritual counselors are available for the provision of spiritual care services to the patients and the families/caregivers either directly or through coordination of care with other spiritual counselors. They provide spiritual assessment and direct spiritual care of patients and families/caregivers in the hospice program.

Bereavement Counseling – Bereavement counselors are available to provide bereavement support to families/caregivers of patients for up to one (1) year following death of the individual hospice patient.

Volunteer Program – Volunteers are welcomed addition to our services. In hospice, the volunteer provides patient care and support services according to his/her experience and training and in compliance with organization policies. The volunteer serves as substitute family/caregiver in the home performing activities, including homemaker chores, running errands, and providing respite care.

To become a volunteer, please click here!

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